Wait List

Proactive confirmation service to manage and remind appointments and/or shifts, with the possibility to reschedule.

What are the objectives of this service?

Provide solutions to patients who are unable to access the medical offer and/or advance the scheduling of patients with a longer latency.

Optimize the use of appointments released by patients during the appointment reminder and confirmation process.

How does it work?

This process consists of offering canceled appointments via WhatsApp or email to the patients who are registered on the list, while always maintaining the doctor-patient relationship. In addition, it allows the parameterization of multiple business rules, according to the definition of each institution (in advance, priority, etc.).

There are 2 sources to access the wait list:

What does the report include?

The system allows you to monitor available quotas, review the demand and supply by specialty, and see the complete traceability of the process. It provides a funnel of the appointments offered (sent rates, responses, bookings made, attendance).

What are the service indicators?