Preventive Health Campaigns

Service that reminds patients of check-ups and/or periodic examinations that should be performed at a certain date, according to their age or pathology

What are the objectives of this service?

Deliver personalized and timely information, safeguarding the health care of patients and generating activity for the medical center.

How does it work?

This service acts as a preventive health assistant, maintaining a continuous dialogue with patients via email. It informs them of the care they require and assists in scheduling appointments.

For example, this service reminds patients of regular exams, such as an annual PAP test and mammography for women, prostate check-ups for men over 50, and routine pediatric health check-ups, among others.

The contact base can be generated by using the appointment history or the prospect base.

What does the report include?

The system allows for the recording of all patient interactions plus the scheduling process.

What are the service indicators?