Complete SaaS platform for teleconsultation services that integrate with the provider's existing Hospital Information System (HIS)

The patient can access it through web browsers and mobile devices through the link received at the time of scheduling the appointment. In addition, the solution has a virtual waiting room where the patient enters prior to the consultation.

The doctor's view includes a visualization of all the patients scheduled for the day and indicates if there are any patients waiting. Additionally, it includes a complete payment portal for the patient.

What are the features of this platform?

Online Scheduling: Allows scheduling appointments online on the provider's website from any device.

Virtual Waiting Room: Helps optimize the doctor's time and provide indications to the patient prior to the consultation.

Pre-consultation Service: Allows delivering indications and requirements prior to the consultation, including notification of successful scheduling, payment indications, procedure information for waiting room access, appointment confirmation flow and delivery of electronic medical order.

Online Portal for Physicians: Accessible from any device, provides information on the list of patients who are waiting, and indicates their status in the virtual waiting room.

Integrated Payment Platform: Allows patients to pay for their care remotely in up to 3 interest-free installments with any means of payment. Additionally, they can process their vouchers online, making only the co-payment. Moreover, aiming at a more expeditious implementation for providers in Chile, we have a payment portal, which includes integrations with Flow, Medpay and other payment methods.

This platform offers online reporting with a summary of the management carried out, as well as downloads of transactional databases with all managed cases to be uploaded to internal reporting systems.