Página Patricia

Who is Patricia and what services does she provide?

Patricia™is our virtual healthcare assistant that facilitates, automates and improves the interaction between healthcare providers and patients. Its processes include scheduling, confirming appointments, organizing preventive treatments and managing wait lists and patient follow-ups.

Its technological core, built 100% to manage health interactions, has been trained with more than 160 million cases, allowing it to achieve a level of certainty and breadth of work contexts unique in the market.

Today, Patricia™ speaks Spanish, English, German, French and Catalan, and is quickly learning new languages.

How do we develop AI at ENIAX?

We are pioneers in the development of Artificial Intelligence (AI) tools in the field of Natural Language Processing and Predictive Behavioral Engines, which help Patricia™ to ensure the best experience in patient care and maximize the use of available health center resources.

When Patricia™ does not understand information conveyed by a patient, a team of professionals with extensive knowledge in healthcare administrative work takes over the conversation and solves the problem. If interactions are highly repetitive, Patricia™ aggregates it as new knowledge.

This supervised learning is key to Patricia™ gaining continuous knowledge about the client.