An important aspect of healthcare that often goes unnoticed is the human connection between a healthcare provider and a patient, and the patient’s qualitative experience of receiving medical attention. 

Compassion and empathy should be the foundation of healthcare, but in the modern age, we see these values being sacrificed in favour of efficiency, with the goal of tending to as many patients as possible. 

This gives rise to the conflict between efficient and compassionate healthcare. 

Here at Eniax, we believe that one should lend itself to the other. The rise of technology has always been heralded as a way of achieving higher levels of efficiency. These priorities, however, are different in the medical field. 

In the medical field, the quality of healthcare takes precedence over all other factors. Much of this quality hinges on doctor-patient communication. 

The communication link between a doctor and a patient, however, can become complicated. This can be due to the stress of their circumstances, a lack of technical understanding, emotional turmoil on the patient’s part, and the workload and stress resting on the medical professional. 

Crossing this disconnect requires the right communication methods and the right support. 

It is important to evaluate your communication approach and adapt it to suit each patient and situation. Patients may have varying levels of comfort when it comes to medical information. This means that a delicate balance must be maintained at all times when it comes to doctor-patient communication. 

While decision-making requires full, honest, and open communication, acknowledging and addressing a patient’s level of comfort, and ensuring that these boundaries are not breached also plays a critical role in patient recovery and their likelihood of seeking the necessary medical attention at the right time in the future.  

Despite empirical evidence supporting the importance of compassionate patient care for patient recovery and wellbeing, it is clear that traditional patient communication platforms are not suited to deal with modern demands. 

Given the onslaught of patients the healthcare system must manage while maintaining empathetic and compassionate care, we require a more streamlined, digital patient communication platform.

How a patient communication platform enhances the reach of irreplaceable medical professionals

Compassion and empathy are human values that technology alone cannot replicate. 

At Eniax, our technologies are designed to support medical professionals and bridge this gap between efficiency and empathy when it comes to patient care.

While a healthcare professional may try their best to support patients meaningfully, they often don’t have the time or luxury to perform repetitive tasks like appointment management

With a streamlined patient communication platform, which is based on compassion and the personhood of each patient, the expertise and energy of your teams are saved for what they do best while ensuring that your patients are not neglected. 

A patient communication platform for an unavoidable future 

The COVID-19 pandemic transformed everything we thought we knew about healthcare during a crisis.

The impact on the healthcare sector, first responders, and front-line workers was beyond any other recent crisis the world has seen. The suddenness of the outbreak and the likelihood of newer waves and similar outbreaks in the future make digital solutions a necessity to prepare and protect the most vulnerable communities. 

A patient communication platform that promises high-quality healthcare from a distance is the modern, practical solution we need at a time when the human touch needs to adapt to the demands of social distancing. 

How Eniax creates a patient communication platform to meet the needs of the digital age

At Eniax we wear our values on our sleeves. 

That’s why we are always trying to improve the quality of our patient communication platform and expand our services to meet the ever-changing needs of the healthcare industry. 

With our Simple Care patient communication platform, you access the technological capabilities to execute web scheduling, telehealth features, APIs, and online reporting.

Patricia™ is a virtual medical assistant driven by compassion and empathy and one that connects you with leads and past patients, empowering you with intelligent booking support, patient monitoring and support, and telehealth support.  

Through our innovative patient communication platform, we aim to change the future of healthcare by creating the one we know that all patients deserve.