Medical AI may seem like a technical or technological term that has very little to do with patient care.

This is far from the truth; AI in healthcare is actually a way of adding human cognition to understanding healthcare data, and now, supporting patients. While it’s easy to imagine that Machine Learning and AI actually eliminate the human touch, this is not the case when executed alongside other human-run strategies.

At Eniax, our virtual medical assistant, Patricia™, integrates the best of human connection and the best of AI to support clinics with empathetic patient support.

While medical AI is being used nowadays for things like cancer diagnoses and finding better candidates for developmental drug trials, we leverage this very useful tool to make the patient journey a smoother, less stressful and more comfortable one.

Part of this trend is driven by the fact that people are now playing a more active role in managing their health.

We’ve been supporting clinics in Europe and South America to improve their administrative processes, adding value to patients while preventing burnout and frustration among medical teams.

Medical AI automates routine patient support tasks and frees up valuable resources

Medical administrators and other support staff often find themselves stretched thin when attending to multiple patient requests and performing other day-to-day tasks. 

In an environment dominated by the shifting complexities of COVID-19, preserving precious resources, especially when it comes to time and energy, is everything. An AI-supported virtual medical assistant can make all the difference.

In addition to automating patient outreach like appointment reminders and other follow-ups, this kind of support doesn’t just help clinics save time and money, but also make the healthcare experience a positive and happy one, as far as possible.

It’s a win-win for clinics and the patients they support.

AI and Machine Learning help you identify simpler ways of doing things

One of the biggest benefits of integrating medical AI with human efforts is the fact that it can identify various opportunities for clinics to add value to the services they provide. 

Sometimes, when you’re hyper-involved in patient care, it’s much harder to take a step back and evaluate if what you’re doing is working and whether there’s an easier way to do things.  

That’s the beauty of medical AI. It helps you identify—and even execute—simple ways of doing things without compromising the quality of the service you offer your patients.  

Patricia™, for instance, eliminates any need for your administrative teams to engage in numerous calls and follow-ups to ensure that patients have the information they need for their appointments!

Our virtual assistant automates the delivery of information like the route to your clinic and parking information in a way that’s most convenient to each patient—whether that’s via calls, texts, emails or WhatsApp messages

Expand your service delivery with AI-driven telehealth features

At a time when stepping out of your home includes a considerable risk to your health and wellbeing, supporting people with telehealth features is a great way to add value to the patient experience.

Telehealth services help you connect with your patients wherever they are and provide them with the support they need, without jeopardising the safety of your medical teams. 

At Eniax, our Simple Care platform makes this possible and even goes on to provide virtual waiting room facilities, admin portals, online reporting, and other features that make telehealth a more empathetic experience for patients.

Enjoy the benefits of medical AI and transform how you connect with your patientsand grow your clinic!

To operate competitively in the healthcare industry, there are two things that really matter; how you use your resources and how meaningfully you support your patients.

At Eniax, we help you meet both these objectives without breaking a sweat. With our Simple Care platform and Patricia™, we integrate the benefits of medical AI and human support to help you add value to the work you do.

At a time when social distancing requirements are forcing people to stay apart, we equip you with the human touch to connect with patients meaningfully and safely.