Modernise your HIS system with powerful telehealth features

With our Simple Care platform, we help you meet novel patient needs, empathetically

Why telehealth matters—to you and your patients

At a time when patients face greater risk when they step outside their homes, telehealth services can make a major difference to their wellbeing and their perception of your clinic.

With our Simple Care platform, we help you serve patients remotely without changing the way your clinic works or impacting the efficiency of your teams.

Add value to patient lives while achieving meaningful business outcomes.

Web scheduling

Web scheduling

With Patricia™, support patients with intelligent scheduling services in line with your business rules. She prevents overbooking, manages waitlists, and offers each patient personalised offers based on their history at your clinic..

Telehealth features

In line with your existing HIS system, we integrate key telehealth features and help you support your patients meaningfully. Features include a virtual waiting room, online reporting, online doctor portal, online scheduling and more.


With our Simple Care platform, we also provide you with APIs for telemedicine, an admin portal, online reporting, an integrated payment platform, online scheduling, online doctor portal, a virtual waiting room and more.

Online reporting

At Eniax, we also make patient and medical reporting a more intuitive process. We provide you with an overview of your daily appointments, appointment status, regardless of who’s managing it, and complete message traceability.