In the face of difficult situations, any person, irrespective of their background or how healthy they are, is likely to feel stress and negative emotions that, ultimately, affect their physical and mental wellbeing.

Illnesses and hospital visits are generally characterised by nervous energy, anxiety, uncertainty, and can be an emotionally and physically draining experience for patients and their loved ones. 

What’s essential to this process, then, is empathetic patient support.  

Patient support is more than just making sure that a clinic visit goes smoothly. It requires ‘connecting with patients in ways that help them embrace their recovery’; support that goes beyond tending to physical ailments and illnesses. 

Research has proven that the relationship between a healthcare provider and their patients has a decisive impact on health outcomes. This means that the way you interact with your patients at every point of their journey influences their recovery. 

Aside from this enormous advantage, meaningful patient support is what helps people decide whether to stick with your clinic or go in search of others. 

This year, the very concept of patient support has changed. The spread of the highly infectious COVID-19, made face masks and social distancing a necessity and put the responsibility on each person to take the necessary precautions to limit the spread of this disease. 

While tending to as many affected patients as possible has become paramount during this pandemic, the resulting chaos and uncertainty have emphasised the value of compassionate patient support.

In 2020 and beyond, it is exactly this approach that will help hospitals and clinics make a difference in a way that benefits their teams, their bottom line, and most importantly, their patients.

Technology that upholds the guiding principles of patient support

The first thing that comes to mind when we think of technology may be unfeeling machinery and incomprehensible software; but we believe that technology can, and should, be used to add value to people’s lives.

Our ultimate goal is to create efficient healthcare systems that provide compassionate patient support; we do this by developing cutting-edge technology that comes with a human touch. 

Patricia™ is a virtual medical assistant who is designed to assist healthcare providers to better manage their processes. Our virtual medical assistant helps you create a patient management system that prioritises patient care and support, without compromising other goals like administrative efficiency and cost savings. 

Patricia™ connects you with leads and past patients via intelligent booking support, patient monitoring, and comprehensive telehealth services.

Patient support that goes both ways 

In 2020, the heroes of the year were the healthcare providers and first responders that put their lives and loved ones at risk to respond to the demands of the pandemic. 

As we move forward, post-COVID-19, we may realise that new demands for patient support can completely contradict the existing systems we have in place. 

The alternative systems we create must, however, facilitate empathetic patient support while protecting the most vulnerable individuals in a health crisis—healthcare workers. 

The solutions and virtual systems we provide at Eniax sustain compassionate patient support while freeing up time to respond to any emergency without adding pressure on your resources and personnel.

Expand patient support and care with empathy by leveraging the capabilities of a virtual waiting room, integrated payment platform, online reporting, doctor portal, and so much more!

The role we play in patient support in 2020 and beyond

Here at Eniax, we know that a culture of communication facilitates empathetic patient support and that’s what we strive to achieve through our platform.

Our goal is to usher in the future of patient support in which all patients, healthcare providers, and healthcare workers have the tools, opportunities, and help they need to create a new culture; one that’s defined by modern and compassionate healthcare. 
Contact the Eniax team to learn more about Patricia™ and our Simple Care platform today.