Say hello to Patricia™

Connect with your patients with an empathy-driven virtual medical assistant

Patricia™ is a virtual medical assistant—not a bot—designed to support the work of private hospitals and clinics around the world.

Backed by professional administrators, Patricia™ helps you make the patient experience a more compassionate one. Our system helps you manage the more routine aspects of patient management; scheduling appointments and managing waitlists, supporting preventive treatment, and facilitating patient monitoring.

Patricia™ engages your patients wherever they are—via email, calls, texts and WhatsApps. Prepared for the now of healthcare, our virtual medical assistant is transforming the healthcare approach in the midst of COVID-19 and beyond.

Our goal is to create a culture of communication that treats patients as people. Patricia™ is at the heart of this process.

What does the patient journey look like with Patricia™?

Connect with leads and past patients

Depending on the purpose of your campaigns, Patricia™ proactively reaches out to patients who may need support or who may be interested in certain services.

This is primarily intended to activate interest among past patients and nurture patients who’ve expressed interest in your clinic’s services.

Intelligent booking

One of Patricia™ strengths is intelligent booking services, which includes scheduling shorter appointments for routine checkups and report reviews!

Our virtual assistant also tamps down on overbooking and “no shows”, allowing you to manage your clinic’s resources efficiently.

Patient monitoring and

Patricia ™ also supports privacy-friendly patient monitoring and treatment adherence, contacting patients to remind them about appointments, exams, treatments and procedures.

Patricia ™ also supplies important patient information like directions to your clinic and info on parking facilities.


With our Simple Care platform, we empower Patricia ™ to support your teams with useful telehealth services and features.

Expand your service delivery at this crucial time to include a virtual waiting room, an integrated payment platform, online reporting, doctor portal and more.

What can you expect with a powerful, human-run virtual medical assistant?

Connect and communicate with patients

Support patients remotely

Support preventive healthcare

Monitor patients and follow up with them​

Reduce administrative and personnel costs

Reduce burnout and frustration

Support/transition to remote consultations

A virtual medical assistant compatible with leading HIS systems on the market

As a leading patient management platform, we’ve partnered with technological and software partners to add value to the private healthcare institutions we work with.

Our partnerships have helped administrators manage their otherwise heavy workload—and reduce burnout—with the support of a virtual medical assistant while staying in the loop about the progress, needs and requirements of each patient.

Patricia™ ensures complete traceability of each case and that every patient’s experience is one that’s supportive, compassionate, and uplifting.

This is what our esteemed clients have to say

This is what our esteemed clients have to say