Alleviate the administrative burden on your clinic with a patient management service

Balancing operational goals, efficiency, and patient management with empathetic patient care is a necessity in the modern healthcare field. 

Eniax helps healthcare providers strike this balance while ensuring that the human aspect of healthcare is not lost.

Prevent burnout among medical teams

Offer personalised patient care

Cut down on no-shows and missed appointments

Benefit from administrative support

Enhance remote patient care

Reduce administrative costs

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What does the future of healthcare look like?

Modern healthcare services must support the medical field by facilitating efficiency and reducing the strain on medical professionals. 

It must also prioritise the patient experience and its impact on health outcomes and patient recovery. 

This has meant that clinics and hospitals have to add value to patient management while creating streamlined operations that expand the capabilities of their medical teams. 

In turn, these efforts free resources and time, reduce costs, and improve patient aftercare and outcomes

This is what we help you achieve at Eniax with Patricia™.

What our clients say

A virtual medical assistant compatible with leading HIS systems on the market

As a leading patient management platform, we’ve partnered with technological and software partners to add value to the private healthcare institutions we work with.

Our partnerships have helped administrators manage their otherwise heavy workload—and reduce burnout—with the support of a virtual medical assistant while staying in the loop about the progress, needs and requirements of each patient. 

Patricia™ ensures complete traceability of each case and that every patient’s experience is one that’s supportive, compassionate, and uplifting.

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