App stores rival supermarkets with the number of applications, options, and diversity available. Today, there are plenty of apps for any industry, business or product in the world.

One industry that can never be transferred to a purely digital space is healthcare. 

The interactions between doctors and patients are irreplaceable. The doctor-patient relationship is worth more than the practical aspects of a medical examination. 

The relationship between a medical professional and a patient can lead to long-lasting benefits. For example, the trust a patient has in their medical professional can alter the weight they put behind the medical advice they offer. 

This relationship is also a deciding factor in the success of patient aftercare processes. Patient aftercare, in turn, is critical to the success of a patient’s recovery, making it an important process in the medical field. 

The patient experience will also affect the way individuals view healthcare. It is a perspective that will determine the likelihood of them seeking the right care at the right time.

In a 2016 study by Health Affairs, it was found that there were 165,000 mobile health patient apps available on the Apple and Google digital markets. In the years since then, this number has only escalated with IQVIA reporting that over 200 new patient apps are introduced every day.

So what does a patient app entail, and what are its benefits to healthcare providers?

A patient app lowers your operational costs

When you introduce a patient app to your clinic’s operations you open up a new platform for your patient care.

A patient app improves the efficiency of your operations by creating virtual spaces for routine tasks. These routine tasks include processes like appointment scheduling and appointment reminders.

It can also create virtual waiting rooms that will not only help you add more value to the services you provide but also create more convenience for both you and your patients. 

A patient app can also lower the amount of missed appointments and no-shows your clinic records. Lowering these factors will improve your patient recovery and the financial success of your clinic.

A patient app increases the value your personnel add

Technology is adding value and expanding the capabilities of every industry in the world. Healthcare is no different. In the wake of COVID-19, it was clear that frontline workers were more at risk than any other community impacted by the crisis.

Protecting these valuable professionals will be a very high priority, even post-COVID-19. Digital tools like a telehealth patient app are paving the way forward to the future of healthcare. 

A patient app can offer valuable protection for medical professionals. This will lower both the physical threat of the virus and the toll that a crisis has on healthcare professionals’ mental health. 

Patient apps can also take routine tasks off your healthcare professionals and free them up for more value-added tasks. 

A patient app improves the patient experience

Above all, a patient app enhances the experience your patient has at your clinic.

A patient app creates more convenient medical processes for patients to follow and offers a human touch to every process in healthcare. 

Even mundane operations are imbued with the human touch that adds empathy to healthcare and a human face to the technology that is shaping the future of the world. 

A patient app stands by its implications. It is built to give patients the experience they deserve from modern healthcare.

How Eniax helps you implement a patient app that upholds the values of your services

Here at Eniax, our cutting-edge innovations and technological feats are imbued with the values that sustain healthcare.

These values are empathy and compassion. 

With our innovative clinic management system, you can provide your patients with the empathy they need from compassionate healthcare while growing your clinic. Invest in Eniax’s value-added processes today and invest in the future of your clinic and the quality of care you provide. 

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