Healthcare is by definition an empathetic service. A human right that should be accessible to all. Making sure that patients receive the care they need to live a meaningful life, though, is a huge responsibility.

The more technology becomes a bigger part of our lives, healthcare, too, must adapt. 

The COVID-19 crisis showed us how a healthcare crisis affects how we live our lives. The demand for healthcare was clear. What was also clear was how ill-prepared the existing healthcare system was to respond to these demands. 

Pre-pandemic, our healthcare systems were struggling to meet existing demands. Mid- and Post-pandemic, it was clear that the system buckled under immense pressure. While the UK has approved a COVID-19 vaccine for its population, these scars and reminders may remain. 

Moving forward, streamlining processes while preserving empathy and compassion is important. Often, the simplest processes make the biggest difference. This is the case when it comes to helping patients book appointments with ease.

While the process of booking appointments seems easy enough, it requires the participation of both sides of the healthcare-patient dynamic. Healthcare providers must perform these routine tasks and patients must take the time to make appointments.  

How can we balance both sides of the coin?

Provide patients with reminders to book appointments

Patient aftercare plays an important role in the recovery process, both in reality and in the minds of the patients themselves. 

An important part of the aftercare process is booking follow-up appointments. That said, it’s easy for patients to forget to book appointments or attend scheduled sessions. 

A system that reminds patients to book their appointments—or attend existing appointments—can make all the difference between the success of a course of treatment and its failure. 

Patient reminders also cut down on no-shows and missed sessions, helping clinics improve their revenue. They allow your medical teams to focus on what matters without burning out. 

Systems backed by empathetic administrative services like this also reduce personnel costs in the long run.

Create automatic systems to book appointments 

The most precious resource holding up the healthcare system is healthcare professionals. Without them, the field of medicine would not exist.

Our purpose, at Eniax, is to support healthcare professionals with expert-led administrative services. Our AI support is always learning and adapting to add value to your process, patients, and medical team. 

Part of our mission to protect the human value of healthcare is to use available resources well. This means that we need to handle patient aftercare with empathy. We also can’t risk overwhelming our doctors and medical teams. 

Our virtual assistant and evolving digital services prevent healthcare professionals from burning out. Left unaddressed, it can lead to emotional exhaustion and a negative attitude towards their work and life. 

These affect their quality of life and the quality of the healthcare they provide. 

A system that helps patients book appointments with ease reduces the pressure on medical teams. At Eniax, we meet this need through our team of medical administrators.

How does Eniax support both sides of the appointment booking process?

Here at Eniax, we support clinics with more than a simple patient communication platform. Our services help patients book appointments with ease. More than that, we help healthcare providers dedicate their resources to more important areas of their clinics. 

Our AI-driven services include web scheduling, telehealth features, online reporting, intelligent booking support, patient monitoring support, an online payment portal, a virtual waiting room and a host of other features.

Make the most of the support we offer and help patients receive the healthcare they deserve. Improve the aftercare process with empathy and compassion. 

After all, that is what the healthcare industry should be all about.