Today, appointment scheduling seems like a minor part of the work private clinics do. Given the technological innovations we see, this kind of work seems unimportant.

Following years of work with private clinics around the world, we know this is far from the truth. When it comes to the all-important patient experience, this is the first step in their journey. Get it wrong and clinics are doomed to fail from the start.

While a misstep here can spell trouble, it is also the easiest thing to address. With the right appointment scheduling system, clinics can make a great first impression. After all, if booking an appointment is easy, how much harder can the rest be?

In today’s COVID-19-ravaged world, patients must be treated with compassion. This starts from the moment they schedule a consultation. If we can’t get the little things right, it’s much harder to win their trust. 

The patient experience is the bedrock of a clinic’s relationship with its patients. By fine-tuning our systems to support them, we make the healthcare journey an easier one. Here’s how an appointment scheduling platform can boost these efforts.

The easier appointment scheduling is, patients feel more confident and supported

Imagine that you’re sick. You want to see a doctor and are trying to book an appointment. In addition to feeling sick, you also have to deal with a very inconvenient booking system. You can’t seem to block out the date you want, can’t submit your form, or pay with ease. Or imagine you get through these hurdles, but find there’s no follow-up from the clinic.

All of this can make the patient experience very frustrating. 

Here’s a different scenario for you to chew on.

Imagine you’re sick. You want to see a doctor and are trying to book an appointment. You find that the system has an easy-to-use interface. You’re able to view free slots and book an appointment in a few clicks. The clinic emails or texts you with a confirmation. They also follow up with you to make sure you don’t forget your appointment.

With the second option, patients may feel more confident in the clinic they’ve chosen. It’s convenient, responsive, and above all, empathetic. 

Patients are people. Like any other, they need reassurance—especially when it comes to healthcare.

Appointment scheduling platforms support patient follow-up efforts

Beyond booking a consultation, making sure patients show up is another thing altogether. 

That is why clinics are now looking into patient follow-ups. Today we’re moving past emails and texts. Other automated reminders are playing a more important role.

These messages may even contain parking information and directions to your clinic. This isn’t just about making sure that patients show up. It’s also about showing patients that you care.

The more effort you put in, the greater the reward is. Patient loyalty is an indicator of the patient experience. It is a sign of success for healthcare clinics. 

A scheduling platform helps your staff add greater value to the patient experience

As important as appointment scheduling is, this is just one part of a patient’s journey. When you have the right solution to support you, your teams are free to support patients in other ways.

At Eniax, we provide our support through our virtual assistant, Patricia™. Patricia™ is run by a team of medical administrators who are backed by medical AI. 

By adding a human face to healthcare, she helps patients book appointments with ease. 

At the heart of these efforts are compassion and empathy. Not just for patients, but medical and administrative staff as well. With this kind of support, their workload reduces and they’re free to focus on more important tasks.

Improve your patient experience with a powerful appointment scheduling service

Clinics that are successful in the new normal are those that treat patients with empathy. By understanding how stressful the healthcare journey generally is, taking steps to improve this are always rewarded.

By setting up an easy-to-use and powerful appointment scheduling solution, you support patients and your staff. When done with compassion and care, you position yourself as a leader in the future of healthcare

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