What are the challenges your operations faced before Eniax?
How did Eniax help address the challenges your operations were facing?
What made you choose Eniax for your healthcare operations?
What unexpected benefits have you experienced as a result of Eniax services?
What services of Eniax seemed the most advantageous to your operations and which of them were the most useful after implementing the solution?
What healthcare challenges, in your opinion, does Eniax address and help solve?
How has your patient care process changed after Eniax?
What changes have you noticed as a result of Eniax?
How has your appointment booking system changed after Eniax?
How has the way you organise your resources changed after the support of Eniax? (This includes factors such as your medical personnel’s working hours, personnel costs, the cost of maintaining your clinic premises/waiting room.)
What changes have you noticed in your patient behaviour, patterns, and aftercare? Have you received any feedback from your clients after the implementation of your Eniax solution?